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Essential Qualities of SIS Students

  • Respect for the host or home country and the family unit
  • Willingness to serve the interest of the larger community
  • High regard and thirst for a holistic education
  • Understanding and embracing the Information Technology (IT) around us
  • Personal integrity and discipline
  • Appreciation of a multi-cultural and multi-religious world
  • Appreciation of the environment within which we live

Our Beginnings

The Singapore International School (SIS) in Jakarta welcomed its first batch of pupils and pioneer teachers on 6 January 1997.  This historic moment was a culmination of planning and conceptualizing since 1994 by a group of concerned Singaporeans in Jakarta.  This group was formed to address the educational concerns of fellow Singaporeans in Indonesia for their children.  There was a yearning for a school cast in the cultural milieu of Singapore, with emphasis on high standards, character and moral formation, mother tongue, traditional values and the Singapore spirit.  In essence, they wanted a Singapore-style education for their children.
Inspired by the success of Singapore International School (Indonesia), Singapore School, Cilegon opened its doors on July 2004.

SIS Philosophy And Spirit

SIS seeks to provide an international education modeled after the Singapore curriculum.  Founded on the principles that govern it, SIS will ensure that its pupils are exposed to a wider world, and they are equipped with the skills to take greater responsibility for their own learning and the capacity to ensure their own survival.    It will be guided by the pursuit of high standards in all its endeavours.


SIS Mission

Arising from our philosophy, the mission of SIS is to provide a well-rounded education for pupils to excel academically, develop strong moral character, be physically fit and be able to appreciate art, music and culture.  The two main long-term goals are character formation and bringing out the best in each and every pupil in an international environment.  We believe that for a school to be successful, emphasis has to be placed first on character formation and then academic excellence.  SIS will continue to provide an environment in which pupils and staff are given opportunities to exercise their initiative and creativity.  SIS develops a culture where both pupils and staff are continually learning.  This is in line with Singapore’s national vision of; Thinking Schools, Learning Nation.


Head Teacher's Message

The whole family of SIS – Cilegon would like to welcome you to our website. This is intended to give you a view of what our school can offer.
SIS Cilegon is not only a school but a home where children are dynamic learners who, not only utilise books and external resources to direct and form their academic life but they learn through practice and understanding. We aim to provide students with a comprehensive and varied education that will train them to be responsible learners. With SIS Cilegon, children feel that learning is a gift. We provide them a responsive environment that treats them with kindness, care and respect for them to realize their capabilities. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and see a glimpse of how we enjoy our every event as a family.


Ms. Daisy Castro
Head Teacher

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